New Products Available for Preorder!

Introducing the Halo X and XRF series from Nvision.

HALO-X is N-Vision Optics latest groundbreaking product that combines state of the art BAE thermal imaging CORE with top customer demanded features, such as integrated laser range finder, onboard video recording, and WiFi connectivity. HALO-XRF is proudly designed and built in the USA, making it the ultimate US-made thermal scope to the hunting market. The Halo XRF has integrated LRF as well.

INCLUDED with ALL THREE PRODUCTS: Two 18650 batteries!

Standard Specs for All Three Models

Spec NameSpec Detail
Sensor Pixel Pitch12 um
Resolution640 x 480
Refresh Rate60 Hz
Digital Zoom 1x/2x/4x/8x
Display Type OLED 640×480 B&W
Powertwo 18650 batteries
Remote power USB 5.0V
External connector Waterproof USB-C
Calibration (NUC) Manual